1 month left.

there is only 1 more month left in my college life. 1 more month in trinity college, the place where i learn the most, the place where i have my happy time, the place where i once play, act, study, stress, struggle, laugh, emo. is there no other time left that me and my frenz can come back to trinity and play, like old time? i think is hard. different uni, different course, different friends in future, but the friends i meet in trinity, i wil never forget. who is been so friendly and so helpful, when i request, without hesitation, they help, without grumble they help. A place where i learn to make my own decision, my own choice, my own social life, where i speak out for myself. 1 more month, the tutor who taught me, all those great people who achieve something great in life, nothing else but envy them. standing there, say everything and we just believe and assume is correct. it is much greater than a preacher.
through out this year, the life in melbourne, is different from where i come from, a small town call sibu. people are different, friends are different. oh wel, lets us enjoy our last 1 month show. make it memory that turn our tears' tube on. lets make the last show a blast and receive roses.


prom was good and fun.. lazy to add more.. have to study hard... for more information, go to other pl blog to see prom.. haha..


FLARE DANCE IS NICE>>> SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wel, that all i will say.. bye... study..


A going ending show...

i recall, the 1st day i come to melbourne, it all seem like yesterday. i met wen jye, my 1st friends in melbourne, then in the big noise, we meet ken. in the outing during the orientation, in tram, i meet jolene and avelyn. during jolene birthday, we meet grace, rosemary and yari. we have a disgust dinner. sorry jo. in my hoi tutorial, i met phoebe and ringo. then next event is we celeb my birthday in toto. and my elephant too. and hoi essay, drama, exam... phoebe birthday, ken, eu gene, grace, wen jye(some i adsent) i meet, nicole, tiffany, evie, remy, kah huey, yan wen, michelle, mark, izzi, edwin, bin, howe huey, ru ann, su ann, fiona, sally, jia yi, sadikin, etc, lecture, tutorial, practical, it all seem so fast... those moment we have together, can it gain back? will it come back? will we stil have the chance to sit down and talk? BBQ together? laugh? there is nothing i ever regret. i never regret i study in trinity, i never regret i meet u guys, i am happy. there is no sorry to be said to anyone but to myself. i am sorry that i didnt work hard enough. i regret that. this is the best year of my life. i hope it dun end here. i hope the show go on... forever...


Triple L!

Live, Love, Life.
we live for our dream,
we live day to day,
worries, sadness, happiness,
friends,family and dreams
For these, we live.
We love for what we treasure,
for who we treasure.
We live to love,
we learn to love,
for these we live.
for love we live.
Life is fragile,
but can we make it meaningful?
Life is nothing but memory. of pass.
it is only a remembrance of our life.
But we live for our life,
for our life, there is love.
for these, we live.
for these i live.



I am lazy to update and to type too much. so, for more information on thursday BBQ at my house, pls check out either jolene grace or wen jye blog. for wen jye birthday, which i didnt attend, also please check out their blog. sat? do nothing, sunday, boling and pooling for the afternoon, laksa at night. good nite.


Wow... let me see how long i didnt post a blog. ever since term 3? haizz.. busy lately. jus finish exam on wednesday. well, at least i blog today.. wednesday after maths, have a lunch at ying thai with jo, jye, ken grace phoebe and en gene. and tat all for my so call end of exam day. thursday, for those who finish econ and wanna go back to kuching punya people, remember to buy me something o.. i spend my day with tiff, evie and remy(who is going back). have a hair cut which is damn short,(oh well, at least to the very least, for some say NOT BAD). at night we have japanese meal at china town. hmm.. on the way back i meet wen jye and the rest. oh graceful grace, i am so sorry^^. starbuck is the last place i go yesterday. tiff, u owe me one. haha.. oh well, friday, a friday i didnt go out. a friday i stay at home. how nice of me. gardening for 3 hours, my hand nearly broke. and.... after gardening, i go jogging with my dad again. for 1 hours. now my leg nearly broke. hand nearly broke, leg nearly broke.... but i can barely type and sms stil. ok la... nothing to write adi.. wanna sleep.. zzz...


Sweety Talkie!

Sweety Talkie,
helps other but not himself.
Sweety Talkie,
a great listener and speaker.
Sweety Talkie,
is sweet with sweet smile.
Girls like him, because, he is sweet.
A kid, said:" Sweety Talkie,
why are you been called that?"
A candy he take, and give to the kids,
he asked:"Do you like candy?"
The kid cried:"I dear them!"
"That is why i am Sweety Talkie!"
Sweety Talkie looks happy,
but inner him is bleeding.
And a person heal him.
By showing her kindness,
Sweety Talkie looks at her,
and said:"A sweet stuff,
never sweet, until the sugar is added.
A man never complete,
Until caring and kindness is shown."


Unknown Meaning.

When I try,
I try... but i Fail.
When i fall, i fall.
But I stand.
I just cant prevent.
The way of life.
In fantasy, I live.
In world, I die.
I cant speak up.
Truth kills.
Feeling hurts.
Agony, pain, suffering.
A meaningless misunderstanding.
There is an hole,
in my life.
Part of me is missing.
But, my very existance in this world,
Make a different?
For some, i am important.
For some, i just a piece of glass.
An unknown meaning of life?
The true meaning of life,
is death itself.
There no truth,


A Shooting Star!

A shooting star,
pure as crystal,
bright and clear,
appear and disappear
once in a while...
I looked up to the sky,
I try to grab it with my bare hand,
as it fly through me.
But, I miss the chance.
It pass through me
right before my very eyes.
A tears drop into the ground.
It dries up.
My stupidity, and arrogant
give me hope to try another time.
Pure, beauty, but fast...
A shooting star...


packing packing..

packing packing... i am going to move to a new place. busy packing lately.. hiazzzz... oh well, tat the way of life..



college life is back. i am glad. but thing start go get messy. exam result sucks, which i completely put into the hot oven and been toast till well done, or you can say it burnt. well, thing went quite well recently. friends are all back and still as good as before. some is even better. today, me and my old matessss go to camberwell, to visit sofia. she is very beautiful lovely sweet girl cooked very nice italian food which in the end, my stomach nearly burst open due to over filled. haha.. 1 pasta mixta for two, 2 large pizza, 1 calamari, and 1 large gelato. god.. i cant barely walk, though.. the other have more than me.. haha.. wel, there goes my 1st week of college life of term 3. fast? yes. vanish without a trace just in the blink of eye. what did i do in the whole week?


A tiring day..

a trip to Great Ocean Road FREE!!! well, actually, we want to go to Grampian national park to visit but due to miscommunication between the APT and their bus, they save only 4 seat for us whereas we want 5. so they pay us full refund and allow us to choose between a trip to South Yarra and Great Ocean Road. so we choose great ocean road.. it was a very tiring day.. i think we spend more than 9 hour at bus... haha.. from 815am till 830pm.. phew,.. i am a bit lazy to type out the rest of the trip. let the photo do the talking.(75% of the photo is at phoebe there.^^) sunset at the ocean... phoebe and her pretty mom.. THE FALLING LONDON BRIDGE!(no joking) errr... forget the name ar...

top of the ROCK!
i dunno how to say tat in english... haha..
Great ocean road...

i am lazy to write out the rest... try to figure out... thx... good nite...


Life is nothing but a Fake Liar!

Life, is nothing but a Fake Liar!
He smile when he is sad,
He shows pitiness while he not.
He says he not angry,
but the red boiling eye inside him.
Life, we all have.
Life, means to be filled with happiness,
but filled with sadness.
Life, means to be meaningful,
but turn out to be meaningless.
It started with nothing but a small thing,
End with ashes.
But it is up to us to
is in our hand.
No one can take it from us.
To where we want our life to end,
and how, is all depend on ourselves.
But remember,
Life is nothing but a Fake Liar!



holiday start.. now i miss scholing life.. at least got something to do.. well, wen jye jolene, and many many more of my frenz all go back.. and some go to perth.. how i wish i can.. wat i miss the most is food food food and bed bed bed and tv tv tv. oh well, at least i can get a good rest for 2 weeks. i nvr have a nice sleep during the exam, b4 sitting for maths exam i have nightmare of doing maths for the whole nite and it nearly kill me.. hiazz.. i am glad is over, but,saying is over, i think is a bit too early. cz the result will be out in 2 weeks time only.. 2 weeks.. i hope i can get good result.. NO MORE 79 anymore.. i hope all well be above 85... or better 90.. well, i think i have high wish on myself.. haha.. i play cs wit my brother and housemate for the whole day til my eye can barely see.. but is fun.. for so long we didnt play cs adi.. though now is a bit rot.. i hope all my frenz will have a nice holiday too. K.H., hope u enjoy urs!!!


finally!!! i back~!!!

let me see... it has been quite a long times i didnt post anything rite? haha.. about 1month adi i never did a proper post.. anyway.. i been busy graving and digging my path to future with the book.. it has really been a hard time. maths 1 is harder than chem or bio.. haha.. for the 1st times i say tat.. but believe me, is true.. (for me..) my last paper is chem, which end in yesterday nite.. finally. and yesterday is my gang beloved phoebe birthday. haha.. she has been a nice frenz since we meet her.. we go shopping at 5pm for the cake.. actually i should say is haunting for the cake.. haha.. and we go meet up wit her and her mom( a very decent and pretty mom) at college house and when to TOTO's, the place i has my birthday too.. though at first, we sure feel a bit weird.. but.. in the end, we stil become 75% of our crazy self..25% of our nice self stil kept..<<< i simply add only.. haha..(for more information about the party, please refer to grace's blog). after that we send her home, we go to take sticker photo.. is a nice memory... and last but not least (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!)



it seem like i am the one who haven update my blog for so long rite?? hiazz.. ok la.. even phoebe update already.. then i update too.. i summerize all wit 1 word!! BUSY!!!! tat my life now.. exam, presentation and lit essay.. and i got 3 week left to done wit it.. sienzzz... today, i really didnt see u guys o.. wher got.. wher r u guys hiding..!! dun tel me u guys r spying at me all along o.. haha.. esp ken.. btw...tis all i write..


my computer sick...

lately my computer is sick,, so i cant post anything.. sorry ar.. well, doesnt make any different if is not sick. cz i am busy wit work too..



sick..... of stress and depressed.. zzz


Memories of Pass, Present, Future!

PASS- nothing in my empty shell, tat is filled once by my family, and completed by my frenz.

In a cave of darkness,
where there is nothing,
light from you,
a smile,
a word
a warm hug.
is all i need to survive.
that why i love you all.

PRESENT- Meeting new friends, i never know all the people here is so friendly. i apologize, i always forget name.. haha.. you all my best friends.

Other side of the world.
Without faces,
without friends,
you all lighten me,
cheer me,
be there,
is nothing more than that,
that i ask for.

FUTURE- i will not fail.

path of life,
long way,
short way.
a never ending way.
please lead me into a real path.
the path of life.
i was seeking for.


There is nothing for me.
Make me worthy now.
To be anything yours.
There is nothing..
Not now.. not now..
but.. but..
i will make up of something.
for you.
I will make it special.
I will make it unforgetable.
I still do not know.
But i wont let you down.
Thank you.


Men Are Just Happier People

Men Are Just Happier People

If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah .
If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla and Four-eyes.

When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in £20, even though it's only for £32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.
When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.

A man will pay £2 for a £1 item he needs.
A woman will pay £1 for a £2 item that she doesn't need but it's on sale.

A man has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel from M&S.
The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 337.
A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.

A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

Women love cats.
Men say they love cats, but when women aren't looking, men kick cats.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, but she does.

A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the bins, answer the phone, read a book, and get the post.
A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.

Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
Women somehow deteriorate during the night.

Ah, children.
A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favourite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams.
A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

A married man should forget his mistakes.
There's no use in two people remembering the same thing.


cold cold cold cold cold!!!today is damn cold la.. not up to 10degree whole day.. and it rain whole day.. haizzz. world climax is changing or the footstep of winter is drawing near.


another week is over.

Another week is over, in a blink of eye. how fast time fly. i have been here for 3 month already and it feel like, wow, how fast.. really fast.. terrible. and wat i have learn here? when i think back. in particularly nothing more than my study. is weird. oversea life is nothing more to expected than living in my home town. in fact, i can live in luxury in my home town, and once come here, i am not more than a normal average kid next door. weird..

by the way, when i jus now read my frenz blog about her parent, man... i am so piss of myself. like, why i never think like the way she did? rite? been so love her parents and miss her. now i think back, is my parent who gave me life. who gave me everything. who is been with me til now, if without them, i wont be here today, meeting all my frenz. thx, u make me awake. i do love my parents, deep inside my heart, there is a big gap tat need to be filled by them. but, i stil hope tat i will be more indepentance to be able to stand on my own feet, walk, run, jump and lead my own life. but, they are my light and my guide. they lead my life, to the proper, successful life. is their mission to allow me to stay happy and gain my own life. we are always our parent baby boy child, there is no doubt. in their eye, we are young. we are stil learner, we are their son and daughter. but, we have to grow up.

when i was young, once my parent go out til abt 10pm or 11pm if they stil haven come back, i will start to be unable to sit still, i will keep on annoyed my bro and sis tat y my papa and mama haven come back. and soon i will stay to cry and take out my binocular and look as far as i can to spot if they come back or not. haha.. is all the kid nature. once they back, i will call out and relieve and happy cause sometimes they will come back wit some supper. when i was young, i pretent to be sick and dun wan to go to school, my mom know tat i pretent to be stil, so she say tat if she give me 1riggit and i go to schol, for me, about 4 year old, RM1 seem like RM100. haha.. i am the youngest, and always the youngest in the family. though sometimes i know i am a little bit spoil, but now i try my best to grow up. i was born in the most luxury and most wonderful times in the family. all the other bro and sis have undergo a some kind of financial prob, but i never. haha.. is hard i know, without experience but only wit the story my parent told me, i can feel the hardest and the poverty of my family. but now, god bless us wit his blessing and given us so many precious thing.

"it is my wildest dream that i can send my son and daughter to Australia to study and it also been my wildest dream that i can go to Australia for vacation."said my dad.

so my dad has send me so far here to study, he has work day and night for his family. he didnt ask for anything back, but only a thing, be a successful and useful person in the society. i wont fail his mission. i will try my very best on my life.

wat a son or a daughter have to do to make her parent happy, is not to be a spoil brat in their childhood, secondly, not to be a smoker,drinker, or a player in life. 3rd, have a good life and a good marrige and good family. BUT MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR PARENTS WHO GROW US UP WHO GAVE US WAT WE ARE NOW. WHO LOVE, CARE, FOR US. WHO NEVER EVER GAVE US UP OR ABANDON US. WE MUST REMEMBER THE DETH FOR THEM. WE MUST LOVE THEM FOR ALL THEY HAVE DONE, WE MUST TAKE CARE OF THEM, IN OUR OWN HOME AND OUR LOVE IN THE NEW FAMILY. THEY ARE OUR PARENTS. THEY ARE THE ONE WHO WE ARE BECOMING NOW.

my mom and dad. isnt they adorable. haha.. i love you guys.. wit all my heart. thanks.


bad day.. bad day..

a bad day for me.. sienzzz.. tis morning, when go out, i been caught by tram officer and i think i will been fined abt 150$.. i dunno yet. cause tis is the first time. see 1st. hopefully not. anyway, tat not the end. the practical today is so boring.. is workshop and we have to do question. bore.. anyway, when lunch time, i forgot tat eugene will not acc me if once he go to swanston st computer lab. yikes.. my mistake, even though i once acc him to wayne cottage which now i ask him to acc me to union house which is half the distance away, i forgot.. opsss.. btw, after lunch, i call wen jye tat if they wan me to save sit for them in the lit lecture. and they say ok. then i save about 4 sit for them. in the end, they end up sitting wit other frenz. if next time dun need, please say so.. so i can sit wit my other frenz who got ask me to sit wit them.. thx.. wat a bad day for me.. sienzzzz... i going to sleep. hope will refresh my brain off.



in swanston st. maths 1 lecture.. i am late but i stil dun wna to rush to it. instead, i got time to post tis blog. haha..


FINALLY I FINISH THE HOI PLAN LIAO!! plan only and tomolo have to give to jonanthan barlow see. hiazzz. hope he jus say ok. good. tat fine. will get good mark, but is in my dream la.. impossible for him to say tat. hiazzz.. but, i hope it end fast. btw, thing is getting messy lately. work work work, study study study. i dun have time for proper post. sorry..


Another week.

the first day/the last day of the week, is damn boring and damn tired. church-lunch-back-hoi-games-hoi-games-hoi-song-hoi-dinner-chemistry-hoi-blog-game-sleep. there goes my sunday.


dun look at my title. i am crazy already. there is something wrong with my mental liao and all because of HOI! is really sienz la.. my whole day is just reading about athen, athenian, democracy.... wat is going to do with our study. haizz.. it really killing me off. Hoi Hoi HOI..!! u r driving me crazy~~~~



Happy Mother Day. To my MOM and MOTHER MARY.

A flower,
bloom in summer,
so green,
so beauty,
so pure.
It grow with love,
sensation and passion.
For the young,
for the old,
the flower will stay it beauty.
In our eye, it will not wilt.
In our heart, it will never die,
In our mind, It is the most precious of all.
Happy mother day. to My Beloved Mother, Annie and
My Mother Mary.
thank you.
for thanking care of me.

A long post for 4 days work!

in a week, nothing particularly happen. jus extremetely busy wit my study. HOI ESSAY, DRAMA MONOLOG,EAP GROUP PRESENTATION, stop stop stop. and exam is coming soon. i damn need a vacation after tis. and finally, biology practical start on thursday. tis is the 1st and i hope it wil be the last time, i am not the 1st group to finish the practical and the experiment not working. actually, is the whole class. haha..

2B should BE BROWN!!!! hiazzz...

all of the group put the test tube in 37degree water which is body temperature. but ours turn out weird..

tis is wher all group fail. number 5 test tube sure be grey-transparent but we all transparent. so we all pass. haha..

thursday went fast and friday come again. oh yes!!! bla bla bla at schol which make me fall asleep. and finally, friday nigt come and me and my friends is released from the toturing schol and have dinner together. and also, my bro and his frenz, wan to jon us. sure sure. we decided to went to red silk<<<<< not sure name tis or not.. but, watever.. and it was really enjoyable meal for all of us, especially my friends. it quite cheap and i drank too much water.

phoebe and grace in the restaurant. wel, there is stil many picture, but i haven go get it. mayb if m mood is good, i post again those pic. mayb...

after the dinner, my nightmare!!!!!grace, i get u for tis.. haha.. me and grace have a competition and she win. i not planning to say it out clearly cz it was so embrassing. i agree wit grace, gals can hold on longer. haha.. tat shopping on cotton on is life or death for me. haha.. after tat, my nightmare is over when i search in coffeebean, china town cinema,2 Macdolna(forgot spelling) and finally QV. i am safe.. haha.. tat for my friday night.

saturday, support class and basketball<<< didnt get to play. and wierd thing, we see phoebe there. haha... then we go to watch 7 main intake drama exam. man, they are so good. really good. geng geng... andrew, congrat.. nice work.


i not going to post anything today.. i am a bit sienz la.. and my computer just been reformate and AHHH!!!! HIAZZZ. tomolo i will update!!


Another day. And yet, another day, and yet.. Another day!

A weird day for me. this morning i wake up, i feel a bit uneasy. but when i decided to go to support class, my body suddenly hurt, from the head to the very last of my toe. ouch!!!! REALLY WEIRD AND FEEL REALLY UNEASY! and i feel very old le. in fact, i am the oldest so far, in my gang. haha.. well, in the support class, i learn a lot though and when i sit there, there is no pain. luckily, anyway, after that, i went to wen jye house with jolene and ungene and we have a little chit chat. and have a good laugh and some minor and funny excise. and got a very CREATIVE post and really imaginative one. is cool.. haha.. and after that i went back already. and when i reach the house, i have to clean my house which make my body even house. haha.. luckily it finish faster.. haizzz.. sad...

me and jolene. WONG FEI HONG??? or eagle???

cool rite?? is really funny!!!!

lol.. another one.. haha..



is FRIDAY!!! but the night is so fast over. i have some fun. with my normal gang. haha.. aligato. well, today is eventually fun for me the whole day and not until the NIGHTMARE OF EAP CLASS..!! MIRANDA!! muahahah..who successfully kill me off from 345-515 and reincanation occur. ok stop the crap out. if she see this, there goes my EAP mark. well, another thing that excited me is MONOLOG OF DRAMA IS OUT!! oh ya baby.. i like it and it is interesting. yahoooo.. and i have dodge ball game for my drama which is so much fun. crap i cant take pic because if i do so, i dun think i will last for 5 second in the field. haha.. HOI!! dozz off!! but today there is another thing happen, raining of ice in melbourne, but damn i didnt see it. haha..

during the break, the clever, creative, imaginative people like us,(me, wen jye, ungene, jolene, grace and phoebe) go to leeper library tutorial room to DISCUSS on everything and anything and nothing. haha.. and we still take a very cute and nice picture.

cute??? haha.. i like it very much.

then after the enjoyable time, the eap start.. the sky dark, so as my world. haizzz...

the doom of me toward leeper building.

i dunno wat is it.. jus take for fun..

the WHITE HOUSE! no la.. haha.. is the state library.

A Secret!

It was her~
It was her smile,
take my loneliness away.
It was her voice,
wake me from my sleep.
It was her laughter,
take my sadness away.
It was she,
take my darkness and
become my light.
It was her care and kind,
there will be me.
A rescuer, a saviour.
It was her,
save me from engulfed
by darkness and death itself.
Women in blue cloak.
Purity and angelic,
Crystal clear,
light of my world.
It was her,
who gave me a mark,
on my right shoulder.
A secret unfold,
after 19 years.
The truth I love to know,
Happy to know.
I love thee
and thank thee.
For me is yours.

For those who read this. who know i am mentioning about and for those who do not know who i am mentioning about. who know what it truely means. for this poem is the truth. i would not explain it what it means, but if those who truely want to know about it. only to my closest friends in melbourne and in sibu, i will tell. As it is really something important to me. is up to you all to decide wheather to believe me or not. but i am not a lier. i am a living testimony of her. in her presence, i will preace this for her.


The practical i have these far!

for 2 weeks already i haven post anything interesting. lol.. well, nevermind.. i have my practical today and is the best practical i ever have among all 4 practical i have, last week practical is very relaxing and is biology practical. well, is only about osmosis and diffusion of water from higher concentration into the lower one. is extactly the same as the one i learn in form 4/5? i forgot.. anywhere, is actually a long dull practical because of what we have to wait for the time the osmosis occur and it took me almost 2 hours to finish it. but is relaxing.

the dialysis bag with egg in it. NOT EASY to do it without breaking the egg yolk!

the potato which we are waiting to have osmosis occur!

the egg that we wait for 1hour for the water level to rise!

this week is chemistry practical which is my most fastest practical i ever have. finish the experiment is faster than the question. haha.. but is quite fun and interesting to see all those hydogen gas release when reach.. but is just a small amount and we wont allow to burn it to see some explosion though. crap.. haha..

hee.. shaking for the Mg to reach completely with H!

the burrette that have MG and HCl..

cold weather here lately.. eventually freezing at night.. until i am lazy to even get up and walk around, not to say studying. too cold till it make my favorite routine become a disaster. which is sleeping.. at first, i thought sleeping is a pleasure but now, sleeping is a problem.. haizzz...,


A Lizard story!

Lizard - moved story

This is a true story that happened in Japan. In order to renovate the house, someone in Japan breaks open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls. When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there because a nail from outside hammered into one of its feet. He sees this, feels pity, and at the same time curious, as when he checked the nail, it was nailed 10 years ago when the house was! first built. What happened? The lizard has survived in such position for 10 years! In a dark wall partition for 10 years without moving, it is impossible and mind-boggling. Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 10 years! without moving a single step--since its foot was nailed! So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, what it has been doing, and what and how it has been eating. Later, not knowing from where it came, appears another lizard, with food in its mouth. Ah! He was stunned and touched deeply. For the lizard that was stuck by nail, another lizard has been feeding it for the past 10 years... Imagine? it has been doing that untiringly for 10 long years, without giving up hope on its partner. Think, will u do that to your partner? Think, will you do it to your Mom, Who brought you after a big struggle of nearly TEN long months? Or at least to your Dad, Friends, Co-workers, brothers and Sisters? Imagine what a small creature can do that a creature blessed with a brilliant mind can't. As information and communication technology advances, our access to information becomes faster and faster. But the distance between human beings . . . is it getting closer as well? As for now, I don't think so… ...Please never abandon your loved ones


My hatred!!

Haha.. thought the title seem to be a little scary.. but.. is actually not about i hate someone. my hatred stand for.. THE HOI ESSAY!!! write 1200word in 1 month. well, that sound essay. but... the stupid title make me hate it!!!!!!
Q1: How do you explain the success of Athenian civilization?(the one i choose)

Q2: Was Tiberius Gracchus a friend or an enemy of freedom?(the one i completely dunno.)

we have to borrow the book from the library which will only last for one day. and we need to do the research for it. the research is only from book and the book is really really dull and boring.. is about athen!! ton and tons of borrow le.. but i am lucky la.. wen jye, jolene them got tons more book than me. haha.. is killing me.. i dunno how to start or how to write. haha.. lalalalala... going crazy.


My recent life!

well, i now get quiet dull with melbourne life already. because i cant get to stay up late and there is no place for me to go and i have to study. which is the most important one. but, still, i am bore and the HOi essay is coming up like a tsunami. drop dead already. it is quite a burden as i do not know how to start my essay. haha.. god help me.. weird thing is that, everyone seem so relax. mayb it is still early la.. haha.. i do not know o.. mayb my recent life is a bit dull ba.. hope something for me to look forward to? or mayb this is just another melbourne, out of country life??? or just a study life?? how can i know? haha.. a kid without a direction.

The cost of trinity college!

Trinity College:Enrollment Fee : $310Tuition Fees (2 semester) : $18700
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Fee: $370
Library Fee :$335
Laboratory Fees : $360 per Science Subject

Trinity College Foundation Studies one year only has 134 days of study(excluded holiday and weekend) and one week have 14 class only. $18700.. so, one class is about $49.8400
how about per min??? it cost $0.55377!!!
isn't it crazy??? people in trinity, when the teacher say that she or he want to have break for 5 minute or let us go earlier, WE SHOULD SAY "NO!!!!"

We should work hard. the amount is too big to see. haha..



A dull shell,

warp in dull cloth,

dirt,mess, unwanted, cheap,

cloth of mine.

And i handed the shell,

to all!

without a word,

receive and open it.

The dirt, messy, unwanted

cheap, dull, cloth

been thrown away.

Open the shell,

with anger,


and disappointed.

It was only an empty shell.


But, words said:

"It is not empty."

It was filled with

my love,

my memory,

the friendship bond,

everything we treasure.

There is nothing more,

that i can give.

another day. another day.

another day for me. a normal life for me. sunday, morning mass and only today afternoon we do a bit different. we went to see our new house and have lunch with the house owner. they are splendid people. i like them. and my new house is very nice. we spend almost 4 hours chatting and looking around everything. tat all for my day. boring, isnt it.. haha..


My first birthday in Melbourne!

17 April 2008
the 30th anniversery for my parents here. we go to la pocattra, an italian food to celebrate it. actually, it was also included my birthday in it. they buy a cake and written there, "happy anniversery and happy birthday" and brother allan and aunty jenny also come and join us for the celebration. but when the singing of birthday song to me, the whole restaurant(guest only) join in and sang for me as well. haha.. sort of weird. and also the birthday wishes from them though i do not know them at all. they are kind and polite. it was one of the nice social moral that have here.

18 April 2008
it is my birthday! my 19th birthday, the last year of the 1X. after this year, i wont be telling people i still a person starting with 1X. haha.. thanks to my friends, i have a splendid time and a feeling of home for my birthday. it is the heart that count, not the money or the price. when the clock strike 12 midnight, avelyn call me and wish me happy birthday. haha.. i was still sleepy~~ but thanks a lot. and there is many sms never stop coming during the night that keep on waking me up and give me a unpleasant sleep. haha.. well, thanks to you all that have take the trouble to stay up so late for me. alikato~~ when i go to my college that day. it suprise me that so many people know and remember my birthday. haha.. in my drama class, ringo remember it and wish me 1st and followed by the whole class wishing me. haha.. thank you. i also meet my friends drama class, err.. wen jye and phoebe drama class people is nice and friendly. haha.. i am ivan(do not know i got spell wrong or not) big bro. haha.. and followed by my chemistry class where avelyn sang the birthday song so loudly that i think the whole class know it was my birthday.. hiazzz.. haha.. and finally, the eap class, my last class.. the very last class. haha.. and some wishes from my friends in there. a great birthday wishes from so many people.

after the college, i went to meet up jolene, phoebe, grace, and errr.. how to spell the name in english a? haha.. sorry a.. haha.. and then we waited at there for a while and we walk to wen jye house to celebrate my birthday. they have make a cheese cake for me. ken, wen jye, jolene and phoebe and grace put in their efford for the cake. thanks a lot. the cake was really nice and really yummy. i really like it. actually i am been a little touched but just holding back. because it make me feel like home back in sibu. really. after the breaking and eating of the cake, we go to toto's to have dinner. it was really nice. better than i ever expected. haha.. and is on them. thanks again. but after the toto's, i walk out and i forgot my bag and i thought i leave it at the shop. i quickly rush back and phoebe call out loudly and break their plan. haha.. actually, ma long have already help me to carry it but i just dunno. haha.. thank you~~> hahaha.. funny right? how can i be so blur? after the toto's i got a iced chocolate from the koko black. well, they all quite full right now and only me and phoebe have it. and i never expected it to be this filling.

after that, we went to safeway and buy the ingredient for the next cake. haha.. i will be looking forward to it. haha.. i want to be the taster. haha.. i like the card you guys gave me. thanks a lot. and i am looking forward to the elephant. it will be a extremely great memory for me. thanks..

thank you. phoebe, wen jye, jolene, ken, grace, and ma long for celebrating my birthday with me and make me feel like home. thankssssssssssssssssssssss.. love you all.


my holiday!

trinity college 1st term holiday has finish already. it has been quite a holiday for me. and quite tiring. haha.. especially, when i am occupy by my parent who had come here to visit me. haha.. for the 1st day of the week, i went out almost everyday with my friends. just going out talking and playing and hanging around. and i stil remember that we got play a game, the truth or dare. we open a very emotional song and listen for a while. got hmm.. let me see, me, grace, phoebe, jolene, wen jye, un gene and avelyn and ken. we sat there quietly and listening to the song, and soon we talk about our own life back there which some of us is sad and some is happy. haha.. it is quite fun and i think it will help us to build up a better bond of friendship.
during the holiday, we still went to st kilda beach, actually is the luna park we went to. a theme park. but that day, we are missing phoebe and ken, who did not go. because of the expensive ticket for each ride. about $7.50(RM22.50) per ride. we only play 2 games. which is the tome rider. when we go in, it was hazy and spooky. and it is a maze that making us confuse of we should we go. and during the walking, there is some big noise that will scare us and some people suddenly pop out of nowhere and scare us. well, the 1st person exprience the most fright. haha.. poor ungene who drawn his face as a spiderman. half spiderman. it was very nice actually and we are walking too slow that the other team from behind already caught up with us. acutally, we are planning to draw our face with color paint, there is free and is only for fun. but she only draw ungene and the rest she draw kid(under12). haha.. the second ride is the roller coaster. it is fun and avelyn, the only one who didnt have experience of roller coaster before, got high after sitting it. haha.. well, that the best day of the holiday. after the park, we walk around the st kilda beach and take some picture. haha.. wonderful day. thx to all my friends. there is stil a lot of fun and happy moment. but i cant espress it out. haha.. i will post some picture and song after a some time. haha,..

my holiday!